Pink Feathers - Start Over

I'd like to start over / I'd like to turn back time

PINK FEATHERS! The last time I heard a song from Portland-based artist Pink Feathers was back in 2014, at least that I can recall. I remember listening to Ghosts so long ago from her. She's shared a new single called Start Over, an upbeat indie pop song that excels in evoking happiness and self-reflection. I did my little dance as soon as I played Start Over on my speakers. Pink Feathers does an amazing job at harmonizing with the beat, a production mastered by Grammy award winning recording artist RAC. I can resonate with the lyrics as she swoons my heart with her graceful voice. I feel stronger each time I play this catchy tune. I adore Pink Feathers and this whimsical song! I'm happy she's back. 

- Akira <3

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